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Night Sky with Stars


Night Sky with Stars
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Known for her work in the performing arts and psychology, Julia Henning wears many hats. Henning is best known for her roles in various narrative podcasts, including QCode Media's Blackout starring Rami Malik, Borrassca starring Cole Sprouse, and the upcoming Magmell with iHeartRadio. Henning is well known for her strong presence in the LA immersive theater company. She has and continues to collaborate with prominent companies such as The Speakeasy Society, Darren Bousman's Experiences, and JustFixIt Productions in collaboration with studios such as Netflix, Nickelodeon, Amazon, and FX. In addition to acting, Henning gained a Master's degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University with the intent to curate interactive wellness retreats. Looking to the future, Julia Henning seeks to combine her passion for the human condition with her training in counseling and artistry to create meaningful and inspiring opportunities and experiences for herself and those that seek them. You can find Henning on Instagram @TheJuliaHenning or online at

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