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Night Sky with Stars

Personal Audio Packet - MARGARET COHEN to ALLYSON LOGAN 365.1

Personal Audio Packet - MARGARET COHEN to ALLYSON LOGAN 365.1 - Transcript

CHIEF SCIENTIST MARGARET COHEN: CEO of CimmTech, Allyson Logan. They're going to start asking about you soon. Why don't you respond? Why doesn't anyone respond? Average people don't understand what busy people do, how long things take, how much sacrifice is required. It's been a year since the Aethon launched. One year. A year that means something to only seven people in the history of mankind. I remember the first time I met you. It was the CimmTech New Year's Eve party. I was just hired on December 2nd, I think it was. I didn't really know anyone. But I felt obliged to go to the New Year's Eve party. So there I was. And I came face to face with you. You didn't really want to be there, but the boys were with friends and you didn't want to waste a night off, if I remember correctly. You took me to the basement labs, the ones where you conducted the unnamed experiment, as it's called now. You played me the recording. THE recording. And I heard my name. What this little piece of audio set into action, the lives it took, the lives it changed. You told me what happened to the men and women who had found this recording. I was horrified. You had covered it up and you had hired me. You went all in on the bet that I was that Margaret, that I would carry out this mission. And I asked how you could do this, and you said it was worth it. I left the party. I nearly left the job. And then my father fell ill. And it could have been prevented if what you told me was true, then I was wrong. I saw the same future as you in that moment, in that memory, or glimpse. And I, I prayed that I would be that Margaret. You were right, Allyson. You were always right. It will all be worth it. To Another year. Another rotation around the sun. Whatever that means to you.

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