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Night Sky with Stars

Recovered Audio Asset 13 - CT Public Statement - Logan APR 10 2045









ALLYSON LOGAN: ...Hello. My name is Allyson Logan. I am the CEO of Cimmerian  Technologies. I want to recognize the strain that the Aethon's crew was under and the heroism required to survive such an ordeal, but I am deeply saddened, dismayed, and appalled by the way we have been portrayed in our partnership with the North American Space Coalition. In particular, Chief Scientist Margaret Cohen was a close, personal friend of mine. I was at her father's funeral years ago. The way that these audio packets from the Aethon have portrayed her and the decision from NASC to conceal her death is...horrifying. I also beg you to leave the relationship between Eli and myself alone. That is a personal affair. But the suggestion that I was willing to put my son's life in harm's way is truly shocking and a blatant falsehood. Clearly Eli needed help and the NASC Medical Officer failed to identify that by overmedicating him. The mere fact that these audio packets have been dispersed to the public in such a random, careless way, only emphasizes the need to privatize and control the way information is collected and released on such missions. Clearly, the North American Space Coalition is not capable of such complicated and sensitive procedures. Much of the infighting that many felt was evident from these recordings stems from the NASC crew members. Not the CimmTech crew members who worked closely together...The fact that Cimmerian Technologies has been painted as the villain in this scenario is patently false. Very early on in our history as a company, we detected the potential of a solar threat upon the Earth and we chose to focus our efforts on what to do should such a cataclysmic event become a reality. With the information gathered by the CimmTech devices on board the Aethon, we determined that such a potential threat  was proving critical. The purpose of the Aethon experiment will become  clear in time--when we are able to confirm its full functionality. Separate from that experiment on board the Aethon, and with  reassurance from the North American Space Coalition, that they were  able to handle the rest of the mission without our direct involvement, we  redirected our focus and efforts into more important matters--which is  why we fell silent as a company for so long. Having determined that our on-earth network is now fully functioning, we  are very proud to announce that CimmTech has established a new  communication and power grid over all of North America and most of  South America. We will be extending access to this network to  governmental agencies in need of assistance for a reasonable cost. I want to be clear--CimmTech has only ever had the well-being of  mankind in mind. We identified a potential threat and rather than raise  mass hysteria, we addressed the threat directly. Any failures on-board  the Aethon, any crises on Earth...none of those have anything to do with  Cimmerian Technologies. CimmTech is a solution to our problems. Those who cast blame are likely  trying to distance themselves from the issues. Doctor Wren Guerrero said it herself in the few recordings transmitted... 'CimmTech did nothing wrong.' ...Cimmerian Technologies. 'The world can be more.' ...So why isn't it? 



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